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Everywhere we look, the effects of light are evident. But how conscious are we of the role it really plays? The colours of rainbows are due to the refraction, reflection of dispersion of light in water droplets. How often are we left spellbound by a particularly magnificent sunrise or sunset? The dancing shadows caused by dappled light never cease to entertain and delight. If we observe and absorb nature and learn from

It’s often said it is important to make the most of every day. We sometimes forget however, many of the most productive hours happen after the sun has gone down. London, Paris and Zurich maximise their after dark economies by appointing ’Night Mayors' to manage them. And they’re booming! Unsurprisingly, Light is playing a starring role. It magically brings to life spaces that hither to went unnoticed. Light coaxes people out of

Every now and then, when you walk into a new space, a restaurant, or hotel, or perhaps the foyer of a high rise building, you feel instantly at ease and impressed. There is something intrinsically compelling in the air but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. That’s probably because it’s the lighting. Great lighting design is quite often felt rather than seen. But it has the

Have you ever wondered why movie stars look so good on screen? It comes down to the lighting. You can have great hair, makeup, location and costumes but they will amount to nought unless the Director Of Photography and crew know what they are doing. Their job is to set their lights in such a way that the images on set look good when they are captured on film, (or