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Lighting that makes you look good

Have you ever wondered why movie stars look so good on screen? It comes down to the lighting. You can have great hair, makeup, location and costumes but they will amount to nought unless the Director Of Photography and crew know what they are doing. Their job is to set their lights in such a way that the images on set look good when they are captured on film, (or in this day and age, a High Definition Card). A particularly fine looking movie will often elicit the comment, “It was beautifully lit.”

Similarly, before you take a few selfies for Facebook, Linkedin or Tinder, consider your lighting. You’ll be surprised how effective it can be for increasing the amount of ’swipe rights’ you get. Why have candle lit dinners remained so popular? Because of the the ‘romantic mood’ the candles provide. Retailers around the world have discovered how effective good lighting can be when it comes to selling apparel.

Being seen in the right light, can change everything.

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